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Sens - The Sensation's Gateway

"Here is where the analytic quality of each product is evaluated and methodically explained for the sensations it rebounds to the senses. Everyone indiscriminately loves and seeks quality in the object of his passion. Then, in this website, quality is the essential core of the evaluations and descriptions made. As it is definite: each of us will find and appreciate in a product what in the product knows and recognize. A deeper  knowledge means a stronger need (thus a better induced quality), besides, of course, meaning a greater and greatly comprehended fruition's delight."


English translations in progress. For further details, contact us.


Some wines you can find the English translation of the sensory evaluation sheets written by Luca Maroni. The translations are made on request and at the expense of producers. If you are interested in translation of the evaluation sheets of some specific wines, please contact us: we will be happy to make an estimate specially-made, drawn up for marketing needs of foreign operators.

For subscribers:

  • Real time evaluations from Luca Maroni's Italian and international wine tasting, completed with detailed sensorial analysis.

  • Themed and customizable wine charts.

  • Ex-cellar prices of all wines in Euros.

  • Records of more than 190 000 enogastronomical tastings.

  • News, reviews, insights and interviews for your thirst of knowing ''what else''.

  • Special discount on all Luca Maroni's publications.

  • Special discount on tickets for the Italian and international events ''I Migliori Vini Italiani''.